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Tribute Band Carries the Boss' mojo!

This is no tribute band!  This show is a shot in the arm, an adrenaline rush.  The most authentic replication of Springsteen and E Street hands-down! You can’t help but succumb to the illusion instantly and will need to remind yourself that you’re not at a real Springsteen concert. The “theatrical reenactments”manage to come across spontaneous and never take you out of the live concert vibe, yet the show is so much more than any tribute show I’ve ever seen. You have to see it for yourself. I Can’t wait to see them again.


These guys are awesome! It is a real pleasure to listen and watch their tribute to the Boss - this recognition by the Weekly is totally deserved! Rock on!


You can't possibly get any closer to a real Bruce concert.
This guy looks just like young Bruce and sounds even closer.
I saw this band in Las Vegas and was blown away.


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